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Monday, April 17, 2006


Here's an idea that a friend I know did when he was an apprentice. He told me that he got the idea from his father as it was something that his father used to do.

He was earning $75 a week working in a factory as an apprentice mechanic.

Every week he would raffle his pay!

There were some 200 staff where he worked and at a dollar a ticket there was nearly always at least 100 people interested, sometimes more! A dollar was nothing to these people and some probably even bought a ticket out of sympathy.

The winner of the raffle would get to keep my friends pay-packet and he would get to keep all the money from the raffle.

He tells me that on occassions he would more than double his pay for the week!!

Here's a link about apprenticeships in Australia:

Here's a link to raffle ticket making software:

So get going and make some M O N E Y !


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