Get Rich Quick?


Friday, March 31, 2006

On-Line Auctions

A friend of mine swears that this is true! -

Someone he knows noticed that DVD players were going cheap for $59 at 'K-Mart'. He advertised one on ebay for $100 using the image scanned from the k-mart catalogue. He sold it within the hour!

Excited by his instant wealth he did it again...then again...then again...

After a few days he had sold over 30 DVD players! - He went to k-mart and bought them with his credit card - When he got the money from the buyers he paid of his credit card bill and was left with quite a tidy sum of money!!!

This method could be used for any item which you may find on 'special'!! - You don't have to buy one to put it on sale, just pretend that you have one and if anyone buys it , then you go and get it!!



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