Get Rich Quick?


Saturday, April 01, 2006

FREE DOLLARS FROM YOUR BANK!! it won't make you filthy rich but a free handout from the bank once in a lifetime is something to think about!

Get 2 credit cards from different banks.

After a month or so apply for a cash advance of say, $1000.00 from one of the cards.

Use the cash for whatever you like.

When it becomes time to repay the cash advance (usually before 30 days has elapsed) , use the other credit card for a cash advance to pay off the first. Repeat this process every 30 days swapping the cards you use each time.

As long as you keep the payments up you will incur no fees and you will have been given $1000.00 for nothing!! - The downside is when you die your next of kin will probably have to sell something to settle the balance.

To make it easier, ask you card provider about automated repayments. If you can set these up you will never have to think about it again!!

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